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5 Characteristics Of A Responsive Marine Crane Manufacturer

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Whether you’re in operations, an engineer or a project manager for marine cranes, you need a manufacturer that understands your specific needs and delivers quick, reliable information on your areas of concern. When searching for a responsive partner, look for a marine crane manufacturer with these five characteristics.


1) Has A Deep Understanding Of Your Specific Application

Want to know if a manufacturer truly understands your specific marine crane application? Look for a company with an on-staff expert who’s spent most of their career in this sector. This experience will help them to guide you on what modifications or custom solutions fit your exact needs. An expert is also well-versed in regulatory requirements, ensuring your marine crane equipment is built for compliance. Also, ask if the marine crane manufacturer has an engineering staff that’s large enough and capable of making sound and cost-effective modifications.


2) Responds Quickly For Price Quotes And Customer Service

Responsiveness is key. Expertise and knowledge are a great start, but you need a marine crane manufacturer that anticipates your needs when it comes to timely technical support, delivery and price information. An on-staff expert knows what works and what doesn’t for specific marine crane applications. More importantly, they’re ready with the accurate, detailed information you need, plus recommendations that meet your financial and safety needs. As for customer service, ask if the MCM provides support from delivery to implementation and throughout the entire life cycle of the vessel equipment. Your manufacturer should refurbish, upgrade and repair any issues, even if you’re using legacy equipment.


3) Provides Tailored Training And Ongoing Support

Especially if you’re a large organization with safety and maintenance programs, manufacturer-provided training is necessary. Look for a marine crane manufacturer that offers tailored programs to suit your specific training needs. A technician should come to your site and start the crane to ensure it’s in working order before training begins. Ongoing support should address any maintenance questions or needs you may have after spending some time working with the marine crane.


4) Creates Cost-Effective Solutions Through Customization

Customization can help you save money. For example, if you customize a marine crane to do more than one job by adding pick height, load capacity and reach where and when necessary, you’re purchasing a crane capable of several functions.


5) Offers Bundled Equipment Packages To Simplify Your Vessel Design

To ensure smooth integration of all marine equipment for your application, work with a marine crane manufacturer that offers marine integration packages including anchor winches, mooring winches, capstans, cranes and power units to run everything. Having one manufacturer supply all of your equipment makes project management simpler overall. You’ll notice improved integration of design and installation, insights on saving space and weight on your vessel, single point of responsibility, as well as comprehensive support since everything is under the roof of one manufacturer. Finally, it’s important to look for an experienced, diversified team of capable engineers with the vision and foresight to stay ahead of the curve, especially regarding new safety standards involving hazardous environments.


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5 Characteristics Of A Responsive Marine Crane Manufacturer

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